Commercial Products

Gurdesan complies with ISO, DIN, BS and JIS norms in the production of all deck equipment and production process is carried out with these standards.

Gurdesan can produce all kinds of deck machinery for all types and models of ships according to the requirements of the customers and prepare projects for special applications.

Gurdesan design and production consider the crane’s endurance to heavy weather conditions and long working hours based on their operating areas besides their durability and quality throughout the processes from design to application.

The davit and crane systems are designed and produced in accordance with the rules of SOLAS, IMO, Flag State and classification society. Approvals of the customer and the classification society are the essential objectives.

Gurdesan designs and produces hatch covers for the requirement sizes for every ship type and model and suitable for heavy sea conditions.

Gurdesan designs and manufactures rudder systems for all types and sizes of vessels. The process begins with suitable rudder system selection for the customer’s vessel.

When Gurdesan established its first workshop in 1982 about 70% of its work was repair & maintenance but only 30% was machinery manufacturing until the year of 2000.

In addition to these superior services of our company provided to the shipbuilding industry, it significantly contributes into the special care required projects, mentioned below, with its advanced machining and design capabilities;