Repair And Maintenance

When Gurdesan established its first workshop in 1982 about 70% of its work was repair & maintenance but only 30% was machinery manufacturing until the year of 2000. Today about 90% of Gurdesan work is machinery and equipment manufacturing for new building vessels. Repair & maintenance work dominates only 10% of its work. As repair & maintenance is the core business of Gurdesan, it is also the source of Gurdesan’s experience. The experience gained from errors observed in repair & maintenance over the years is reflected in machinery & equipment manufacturing error free products.

Gurdesan is capable of carrying out any kind of repair & maintenance work for vessels using its high ship building knowledge together with engineering knowledge & collaboration with all classification societies. Gurdesan has provided and successfully delivered more than 10.000 repair and maintenance projects over 50 years and now provides these repair & maintenance services throughout the world from Greenland to Caribbeans.

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