GÜRDESAN offers appropriate service and equipment in terms of all kinds of reparation and maintenance required for vessels.

GÜRDESAN provides the best quality of service in the reparation and maintenance of vessels through the best technical equipment and craftmanship, successfully and on time. The company’s engineers and technical staff have gained valuable experience in problem solving within the marine sector thorughout many years.

GÜRDESAN’s technical capacity in reparation and maintenance include a wide range of mechanical equipment such as Propulsion and Steering systems, Windlasses, Cranes. The company has specific expertise on the reparation and maintenance of the Propulsion and Steering systems, propellers and all kinds of steering systems and nozzles.

When the deck machine or equipment require reparation or maintenance GüRDESAN is the most credible address providing the most reliable and quick solution using the most qualified instruments. The equipment repaired or maintained by GÜRDESAN is being cerified by many Classification Institutions.