GÜRDESAN is specialist in manoeuvring systems. Any type of rudder systems for all tonnages and types of vessels is included within GÜRDESAN's production range.

For the newly built hulls, the propeller most fit to the aim and special to you is designed through computer supported engineering calculations, following the filling of the form covering the measurements of the hull and the features of the machinery by the customer or our representative equipped with the required technical knowledge. It is either cast from a mold from our stock of about one thousand models or by the preparation of a new model and mold.
It is processed according to the design by the use of specially designed measurement tools. It is balanced statically and dynamically. A test run is carried out with the hull and its navigation measurements, such as the cycle and speed, are taken in each case as necessary.

GÜRDESAN is capable of designing and producing proper shafting systems for all tonnages of vessels. The engineering section of the company professionally works and co-operates with expert companies for specific calculations such as Sag & Gap calculations.