GÜRDESAN equips vessels with Propellers and Propeller Nozzles. Depending on the design of the vessel, the propeller can be manufactured with 3, 4, 5, 6 or more blades and with any diameter. Propeller Nozzles with any diameter (as big as 4 meters) are available. Repair and maintenance work for these propulsion system components is also available.

The propeller manufacturer is at liberty to use any equipment and method that enables the tolerances to be verified to the required accuracy according to the requirements of international standards and the customers. The design, engineering and manufacturing resources of GÜRDESAN provides  the capability of supplying the most efficient propulsion systems to all types and tonnages of vessels. As the propulsion systems cover a wide range of factors according to specific requirements, such as avoiding the cavitation vs..., GÜRDESAN's propulsion systems and Nozzles help the vessels for more efficient runs.

GÜRDESAN is capable of providing vessels with any sizes of propellers and nozzles they need. These propulsion system components are designed and manufactured with any sizes and characteristics for all tonnages and types of vessels.

Propellers and Nozzles are manufactured in GÜRDESAN facilities with great care and great experience GÜRDESAN achieved within the years of supplying the shipping world.