GÜRDESAN designs and manufactures Hatch covers for all types and sizes of vessels. Hatch Cover production range includes Puntoon Type, Single-pull Type, Folding Type and Stacking Type Hatch Covers. All types of ramps and elevator systems for RO-RO and Ferries are also available as a subject of customers demands.

GÜRDESAN Hatch Covers are recognisable with their long life under severe marine conditions. By the very nature of the task to be performed, Hatch covers are exposed to the weather and have to be able to withstand constant salt spray and extremes of temperature. In these conditions, GÜRDESAN offers one of the best selections in the shipping world concerning Hatch Covers.

GÜRDESAN proudly claims that the Hatch Covers of ours are one of the best in shipping market. The Hatch Covers of GÜRDESAN are approved by many great classification societies. All the rule revisions of the classification societies are carefully followed by our engineers and experts. Thus the best possible service is performed to give the best to the customers and to the vessels they own.

  • GÜRDESAN equips vessels with any type of Hatch Covers they need. The  covers    are designed and manufactured with great care and under the supervision  of the classification societies.

Hatch covers
are manufactured and painted in our facilities and transported to the ship for fitting under the supervision of our engineers. They are produced to be exposed to the severe weather and marine conditions.