A company that is achieving considerable success in supplying Hose, Service and Cargo Cranes, Anchor and Mooring Winches, Rescue-Boat and Life-Raft Cranes, Free Fall Davits, Propulsion Systems, Manoeuvring Systems, Deck Equipments, Hatch Covers, Hydraulic Equipments, Ladders, Life Saving Systems and success in conducting Repair and Maintenance of Propulsion Systems, Manoeuvring Systems, Deck Machinery to vessels is the ship machinery and equipment designer, provider, manufacturer GüRDESAN, which is based in GEBZE-TURKEY.

GüRDESAN has 42000 m2 and 3000 m2 facilities in GEBZE and in Istanbul, and, in the recent years, decided to expand its capacity from existing products to wider range of marine products. Being engaged in the manufacture of Winches, Deck Equipments, Cranes, Life Saving Systems, Propulsion Systems, Manoeuvring Systems and Hatch Covers since 1982, GüRDESAN has over 20 years of experience with these systems and products. In addition to being the major manufacturer of ship machinery and equipment in TURKEY, GüRDESAN has always been active in developing and widening its production range.

Deck machinery and equipment form an important part of a ship’s outfit irrespective of the type or size of vessel concerned, while the equipment itself covers a wide range of units according to specific requirements. There are, however, items of deck machinery common to all types of ship, namely Mooring Winches, Anchor Windlasses and, with their increasing use, Deck Cranes such as Service&Provision Cranes and Hose Handling Cranes as well as Hatch Covers. A wide variety of deck machinery and equipment purpose-designed and built for all applications, a wide variety of Hatch Covers and a wide variety of Propulsion and Manoeuvring systems is available from GüRDESAN of TURKEY. The company has achieved considerable success in the supply of machinery, equipment and main components to all types of vessels. On ship, increasing use is being made of Deck Cranes to perform various lifting tasks, of Mooring Winches and Anchor Windlasses to perform more secure mooring operations, of Rescue Boats & Life Raft Cranes and Davits to comply with SOLAS convention and IMO regulations and to perform secure cruises. However, by the very nature of the task to be performed, deck machinery is exposed to the weather and has to be able to withstand constant salt spray and extremes of temperature. In this respect, all GüRDESAN marine machinery and equipment are manufactured under quality guarantee of EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System recognised by TÜRK LOYDU and accredited by SWEDAC ACKREDITERING. The machineries and the equipments are also supplied with approval certificates from many classification societies.

The design, engineering and manufacturing resources of GüRDESAN have introduced the improved range of GüRDESAN deck machineries and great effort has been put into providing optional packages. For example, one of the essential requirements of a windlass or a winch is that it should be able to hoist the required load and to hold the load at any position. So the drums and the brakes of GüRDESAN windlasses and winches comply with OCIMF or, as a subject of customers` demands, ExxonMobil recommendations and criteria. Or, another example, the sea is an area of the world where small boats and rafts have to be launched and recovered in all weather conditions, this particularly applying to rescue boats and life rafts launched from vessels. It is for such adverse conditions that the GüRDESAN Rescue boat & Life Raft Cranes have been introduced. In addition to their use on ships, there are applications for the GüRDESAN Free Fall Davits wherever there is a need for launching and recovery of boats from a ship. GüRDESAN improved its systems for use on all types of ship for handling the Rescue Boats, Life Rafts and Free Fall Davits that need to be carried under the requirements of the SOLAS convention.

GüRDESAN made considerable efforts to obtain a respectful share in this highly competitive sector and proudly claims to have achieved this by punctual delivery of high quality products that meet the needs of the most demanding customer.