GÜRDESAN manufactures a wide variety of Deck  Equipments needed on a vessel. Generally, reference is made to the widely used international standards (ISO), British standards (BS), Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and German standards (DIN).

GÜRDESAN manufactures Deck Equipments in accordance with DIN standards such as Warping Rollers (DIN 81905, DIN 81906, JIS F 2014), Warping Rollers with Socket (DIN 81907-A Type, DIN 81907-B Type), Warping Rollers with Foundation, Multi Purpose Chocks (DIN 81915-A Type, DIN 81915-B Type, DIN 81915-C Type, DIN 81915-D Type), Fairleads for 1 and 2 ropes (DIN 81902, JIS F 2026), Double Bollards (DIN 82607-D Type), Chain Stoppers, Cable Clenches, Hawses, Hose Drums and Rope Drums.

GÜRDESAN manufactures Closed Fairleads and Panama-Type Fairleads complying with the OCIMF recommendations. Although the terms "closed fairleads" and "panama fairleads" are often used interchangeably, not all closed chocks are "panama chocks". Panama chocks must comply with Panama Canal regulations, which stipulate, among others, a minimum surface radius, a minimum throat opening and a safe working load.

Roller Fairleads, Pedestal Fairleads and Universal Fairleads are among GÜRDESAN’s deck equipment range. The rollers on fairleads resemble sheaves and may be mounted near the edge of the deck to serve as mooring fairleads; or maybe mounted upon a pedestal elsewhere on the deck to provide a fair lead to a winch drum or warping head. Deckside fairleads may be of the open or closed type. Universal roller fairleads consist of several cylindrical rollers, or a combination of rollers and curved surfaces.

GÜRDESAN manufactures eyeplates. Eyeplates are used in the manifold area for securing hoses and have various other applications aboard ships.

GÜRDESAN also manufactures Hose and Rope Drums with any size according to customers' requirements and to related standards.

GÜRDESAN is the address of the most reliable and strong Deck Equipment and p roudly claims it being in this competitive shipping world for many years.